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Training and Education

I am a reputable teacher of shop methods, shop math, test methods, quality awareness, and general optics. I can create customized training programs in advance or extemporaneously, or present from my repertoire. I adapt to the audience level and use accessible analogies to enhance retention.

A selection of training programs I've created and presented include:

Shop Math

A twenty-module, video, text and in-person interactive presentation that brings students from remedial level through algebra, charting, dimensional analysis and logarithms. It includes tips and tricks for estimation and math without a calculator.

Optician Apprentice Program

A six-month, text and hands-on course that brings new-hires to the level of five- to ten-year veteran opticians.

Metric System

A one-hour, text and in-person interactive presentation that makes a clear case for the benefits of the metric system, and teaches its structure in context with what people already know. Using immersion, the students gain a native feel for the metric system rather than as a translation of the American system.

Basic Optics Theory

How does light "work?" What are polarization and birefringence? How does a lens work? How does an interferometer work? What's the difference between silver, gray, pearl and mirror? Why do things look like they do? Various presentations based on the audience's background and interests.

Telescope Project

I created and facilitated a team project in which, over the course of several months after work, participants designed, budgeted and built enough identical telescopes for each. In the process they learned some optics theory, negotiations and consensus-building, engineering practice, project management, teamwork, purchasing, QA, fabrication, and coating.

Great American Teach-in

I've presented laser optics, engineering as a career, and preparation for the 21st Century to groups of High School students on several occasions.

Crosby Quality College®

I've facilitated the Quality Education System®, Quality Leadership Team®, Total Quality Management Implementation®, and Quality Work Groups®. I've created short courses derived from Quality Work Groups® and taught them under license. I was master facilitator for my company's Quality Improvement Process® for three years. I graduated the Quality Improvement Process Management College®, and hold a certificate as Quality Work Group Master Trainer®.