Ray Williamson, Consulting Engineer

"Real solutions - clear, correct, practical, workable, and what you want."

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Optics Manufacturing

I have worked both hands-on and in a process engineering capacity with optics ranging from 1.5 mm to 2.56 m in diameter; thickness down to 90 mm; with materials of all types including a range of glass, metals, gain crystals, nonlinear and birefringent crystals; with hardness ranging from NaCl to Al2O3; in configurations including flat, radius, prism, cylinder, aspheric, multi-surface, lightweight, water-cooled, gas-cooled, and assemblies. I've also developed tooling, fixturing, handling and test methods for unique projects. I developed and taught a six-month apprentice program for a major laser manufacturer that brought new-hires to the level of five- to ten-year veteran opticians; and have presented training programs for several major precision optics companies' technicians.

Manufacturing Methods

  • Unit quantity to production line
  • Conventional fabrication
  • Planetary polishing
  • Diamond turning
  • Tooling and fixturing
  • Flat, radius, cylinder, prism and asphere
  • Contacting, cementing and stacking
  • Precision dicing
  • Cleaning
  • Little-known tips and tricks

Process Optimization

  • Risk mitigation
  • Tooling and technique
  • Sequence and method
  • Integrating test methods with tooling
  • Multiplying IPQA effectiveness
  • Preserving the value added