consulting in optical fabrication, optics testing, quality, technician training, technical writing, design, tolerances, and applications

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Welcome!  How can I help you? 

Do you need advice or assistance identifying, specifying and sourcing optical components such as prisms, waveplates, etalons, laser rods, polarizers, or lenses?  Maybe you manufacture precision optics and need help with optical test methods, optical fabrication, or assembly - either training, documentation, tooling, or trouble-shooting?

I'm a senior optical engineer with a unique vision and considerable breadth of experience encompassing manufacturing, metrology, quality, technical writing, training and applications.  My services are available on an hourly or project basis. 

Please look around or glance through the overview of my services.  I hope you'll find something of interest and value.  If so, please contact me to discuss it further.


To ensure success to my photonics industry clients by providing accurate, valuable, practical, understandable, ethical, and discreet solutions and services within my areas of expertise.  To know when I don't know, and say so.

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