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I am a senior optical engineer offering consulting services, specializing in manufacturing, testing, quality, and applications, providing you immediate benefits from my forty-five years in the precision and laser optics field. I have experience and training in a broad range of practical optics, and additional skills in technical writing and training.

I've worked both hands-on and in a process engineering capacity with optics ranging from 1.5 mm to 2.56 m in diameter; with thickness down to 90 microns; in materials of all types including a range of glass, metals, gain crystals, nonlinear and birefringent crystals; whose hardness ranges from NaCl to Al2O3; in configurations including flat, radius, prism, cylinder, aspheric, multi-surface, lightweight, water-cooled, gas-cooled, and assemblies. I've also developed tooling, fixturing, handling and test methods for unique projects.

In addition, I served a decade in Quality Assurance administration and management, which included creating complete systems to ISO-9001 and MIL-I-45208A.

My approach is grounded in theory; informed by practical physical intuition, outside-the-box thinking and lessons learned; characterized by full-circle communication skills; and dedicated to an ethical and mutually respectful relationship.

I can visit your site, or work from my office by the hour, day, week, or project.

Resume                    Testimonials                Personal