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ISO 10110-6 v2015 published

It was a long haul, and I got to work with some great folks over the last decade. While the 1996 version of the ISO Standard for centration addressed tilt of surfaces in single components, the 2015 version now includes beam deviation, edge thickness variation, lateral displacement, an extended datum set, and covers aspheres, freeforms, and subsystems. I served as the U.S. expert under the auspices of ANSI and OEOSC. Soon I'll begin work on a version tuned for the U.S. optical community.

My work in ISO and OEOSC has included discussions, written commentary, and preparation of a number of Standards.

Optical Manufacturing Fundamentals, SPIE Short Course 1169

Bob Novak was an invaluable teacher of optical manufacturing, and his course at OptiFab was attended and anticipated by many. This offering is my humble attempt to fill the gap left by his passing last year. My course can be presented at your site in one or two days, and will be available at certain upcoming SPIE Conferences.

Optician Training program available

A group of VLOC leads and supervisors completed my training program in June '06.  OptiMax has collaborated on video and animations, and sent 120 people to sessions. Portions have been presented at IRD Glass and Tower Optical.  This program is one of less than a handful of precision optician training programs in the U.S.  It is available for presentation at your company too!

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“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer

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