Ray Williamson, Consulting Engineer

"Real solutions - clear, correct, practical, workable, and what you want."  

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Optical Fabrication assistance

From fine old craft to newest techniques, theory and practice; micro to massive; singles to mass production; and UV to IR — I offer practical tips and fine points on sequence, methods and tooling.

Optical Testing and Metrology

My extensive library is supplemented with a collection of original instrument designs and little-known and undocumented techniques gathered over decades of practice. I also have access to a comprehensive battery of optical testing instrumentation through which I can provide independent, traceable inspections and certifications.

Quality Assurance

A decade of managing QA; creating and administering quality systems to MIL-I-45208A, ISO-9001, and ISO-9000-2000; training technicians; and handling customer interface.

Technical Writing

My writing is clear, accurate, organized and appropriate to the audience.

Training Programs

An acclaimed teacher, I can help with shop methods, shop math, test methods, quality awareness and general optics. I can create customized programs or present from my repertoire.


Lens designers, laser engineers, marketers, coaters, fabricators, customers, vendors, and QA departments all speak different languages. I can translate to create a common vision.

Design for Manufacture

Your needs will be met only if you can afford to get it made to spec.  I think practically about how to make what will work.

System Review

Polarization; alignment; materials properties; optomechanical, thermal, and vibration issues; appropriate specifications; design for manufacture—there’s more to it than "lens design."


My critical thinking, physical intuition, and decades of lessons learned can help you out of a hole.